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Evolved customer experience

This year will see the tenth anniversary of Rhubarb and we are celebrating by redefining our brand and setting our strategy to enable us to continue to evolve. During the past decade we have achieved what all digital and communications consultancy hopes to; keep ahead of technical developments, stay relevant for your existing customers and to develop ahead for market change.

Our brand reflects our drive to deliver enhanced customer experience through innovative communication solutions in an evolving digital landscape.

Connect with us to discover how you can delight your customer with every interaction.

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Connecting with your customer

At Rhubarb, we believe that everyone’s voice has the ability to impact the world

We are committed to delivering the future of customer contact by providing scalable cloud based multichannel communication solutions to foster customer choice and put exceptional customer experience at the forefront of the connections that you make.

Contact Centre

Scalable, intelligent communication. Built in the cloud and with CX at the heart of the strategy, we design cost-effective contact centre solutions around your evolving business requirements and that are right for your customer. With sophisticated omnichannel routing and live updating to your communication channels, our managed service will give you the edge

Customer Experience

We give you control of your customer’s experience by helping you to be more responsive to their needs and expectations. Allowing your customers to move seamlessly between integrated communication channels reduces wait times, individuates communication and increases customer satisfaction

Interface Platform

Our user interface platform has been built with clean, simple design and ease of use for enhanced colleague engagement. RHUBAS enables the easy integration of digital telephony, CRM and work flow systems into one system and is infinitely customisable to allow the development of custom screens to reflect your own processes and contact requirements

Strategic Marketers

Reimagine better and consistent ways to communicate and interact with customers on a personal level. Through our cloud based solutions new forms of communication can simply be integrated without the need to rebuild the system. Your brand or product messages can be integrated into key customer touch points as a frictionless link between strategy and customer experience

Doing it our own way

We believe that the only way to optimise engagement is to have control, to not be tethered or constrained by a single system or by a mismatch of systems designed to do different things.

That’s why we created our own. Built in the cloud, our RHUBAS platform was developed to integrate market leading technologies so that we are able to deliver a seamless managed service in a way that gives our clients the advantage.

Developed with the customer in mind and to support our vision for the way that we want to deliver services and derive meaningful and actionable insights, our RHUBAS platform enables the integration of digital telephony streams with CRM or work flow systems behind our own user interface that is designed to be clean and simple to use.

There are no constraints to what can be developed into the system so that where there is a process change, new communication channel or a requirement for service specific user interface then these are incorporated and tailored to your requirements.

The help and advice they have given us has been invaluable…

Rhubarb has supported my Customer Services Team in a consultancy capacity, reviewing our processes and making recommendations to help improve the service that we offer to our customers. During regular visits, Rhubarb has built up an excellent rapport with my team, spending one-to-one time with each team member and using their vast knowledge and experience in the customer contact industry to help drive performance by sharing best practices. The help and advice they have given us has been invaluable in improving our overall customer satisfaction; customer experience and we have seen a leap in our NPS results of over 40 points.

Paul Siniecki
Customer Communication Manager

I would not hesitate in recommending Rhubarb to others…

The work Rhubarb has done for us has been invaluable in obtaining a much greater insight into how our customers feel, not only about the service the Customer Services Team provides, but our services overall. The Rhubarb team is flexible and always client focused. I would not hesitate in recommending them to others.

David Innes
Head of People Engagement

We are proud to call ourselves repeat customers…

We have been working with Rhubarb for the past couple of years, and cannot speak highly enough of their services. We used to spend weeks printing, collating and posting our direct marketing, and would often need to hire temps to cope with the extra work. Paul and his team managed to perform the same task in just a few hours, with absolute attention to detail at all times and have saved us money in the long run. We are proud to call ourselves ‘repeat customers’.

James Cole
Marketing Manager

The team at Rhubarb is a fantastic support…

The team at Rhubarb is a fantastic support and has been instrumental in gaining vital insight directly from our customers. Through the multiple surveys across different mediums carried out on our behalf, it has enabled us to understand the customer journey from their first contact with our Technical Support Centre, through to any further support required and on to resolution.

Over the past six years Rhubarb has always shown a real passion for the customer experience. This is demonstrated through its pro-active feedback, suggestions and first class reporting, allowing us to quickly adapt to meet customer needs. Rhubarb has always been very quick to respond to our needs, whether this be ad-hoc activities or the implementation of NPS across our survey campaigns which meant we had a relevant market place comparison. Rhubarb has helped us achieve a number of best practices within Europe and our global group.

A big thank you to Paul and the team at Rhubarb for their fantastic support over the years… long may it continue.

Ryan van der Riet
Senior Manager, Service Operations

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